Además de su actividad como estudio de grabación, en Spaceland Rob Green imparte clases de batería a cualquier nivel, guitarra y bajo eléctricos básicos, así como teoría de la música y materias como composición, armonía, contrapunto, etc. Las clases están dirigidas a estudiantes de cualquier edad o área de interés musical.

I give classes occasionally to people who feel passionate about playing. Depending on a student’s level, I may recommend him/her to bands or musicians looking for other members if they desire. I’m not really interested in giving classes for musical styles I don’t personally enjoy, simply because of the time factor and also the effect it can have on the modes I may be in with my own compositions, bands, or works. Any questions or inquiries, feel free to email or call.

Precio clases individuales:

  • 30 CHF/HORA

Precio clases para grupos (Group Classes):

  • Consultar

AS OF SEPTEMBER 2014, WEEKEND INTENSIVE CLASSES AVAILABLE FOCUSED ON WORKING WITH LOGIC PRO 9. This course is designed to help engineers, musicians, composers and producers learn about recording, mixing and mastering techniques using Logic 9 as their recording software program. The course offers assistance in questions and concerns others may have regarding the use of the program including routing techniques, short cuts in editing, different options in mixing, use of plug-ins, system safety support and advice, etc. Courses at Spaceland are 3 hours in length so be sure to have an entire morning or afternoon available before arranging a course. Fees for attending courses are CHF150. For questions or to attend a course, contact Rob Green at the Studio either via phone or the email listed under our Contact Page.   

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