Housing a wide selection of high fidelity analogue and digital hardware and software, matched with a team of experienced audio engineers and producers, clients are ensured that the sound of their projects resemble quality and detail through an arsenal of Preamps, EQs. Compressors, and Limiters from some of the most notable and reputable companies in the recording industry. Below is a list of some of our personal hardware and software favorites:

– API 3124+ and SSL Alpha VHD Preamps

– Mytek Analogue to Digital Conversion
– Soundcraft Analogue Console for in-house analogue multi-tracking
– API 2500 Compressor
– SSL Channel Strips
– Trident A-Range
– Neve Modelled EQ, Compressors, and Limiters
– SPL, Waves, Abbey Road, Lexicon, PSP, Modelled IK Multimedia LA2As and 1176s, Plugin Alliance, RNDigital, and Native Instruments
– Shure and Rode Dynamic and Condenser Microphones
– Logic Pro and Harrison Mixbus DAWs 

-Guitarras Fender,  Fender Blues Deville 410, batería Slingerland Artists Series, Korg…